New World build to begin

New World, Three Parks, is hoping to break ground for the new supermarket in August this year. The 3852sqm store is scheduled to be complete by late 2019.

Roger Davidson, general manager property and retail development, Foodstuffs South Island said that the existing New World on Dunmore Street “will now have some of the pressure they are under relieved by a sister store in the Albert Town, Three Parks area.”

“Foodstuffs is excited to confirm that we have received consent to go ahead with new New World supermarket in the Wanaka region. This community is one of the fastest growing in New Zealand and it’s easy to understand why, with stunning views and a fantastic lifestyle on offer.”

Roger believed that the building project would generate a number of jobs in the area and Foodstuffs looked forward “to offering some exciting employment opportunities for Wanaka locals”.

Foodstuffs has a general rule about keeping stores independently run, but Roger said they were “yet to settle on the owner-operator who will chart their own course”.

“The beauty of the co-operative structure is that people from all sorts of backgrounds can work towards ownership of a stunning store like New World Three Parks.”

Four Square, another Foodstuffs brand, is set to remain on Ardmore Street, with Roger describing it as “a great store with a loyal clientele”.

Pictured: Proposed development of the new supermarket.

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By Aimee Owens

News, Wanaka