Dread-full deed to help mother

A Dunedin man is to shave a hairstyle a decade in the making in a bid to extend his mother’s life.

Chef Chris Millar, of Kaikorai Valley, started growing his dreadlocks about 10 years ago.

The 30-year-old has booked to get his matty hair shaved off next month in a bid to extend the life of his mother, Maggie Garden.

“I love my dreads but it’s for a good cause.”

Ms Garden, of South Dunedin, has neuroendocrine tumours and carcinoid syndrome and needs to go to Australia for treatment.

She said the “dreaded” cancer was incurable but peptide receptor radionuclide therapy would extend her life.

The therapy is not available in New Zealand but is in Melbourne.

Treatment in Melbourne costs about $40,000, excluding flights and accommodation.

She and her family have started fundraising in a bid to pay for the four cycles of treatment and four flights to Australia.

To raise funds, several people had volunteered to get their heads shaved in the salon Aart on St Andrew on June 17.

The volunteers include Mr Millar, Ms Garden and her daughter, Amy Millar.

She cried when her children offered to shave their heads.

“I love my children and grandchildren – I absolutely adore them and will do anything for them, and for them to do the same for me makes me get emotional,” she said, holding back the tears.

Mr Millar had roped in friends to get their hair shaved.

“My girlfriend Emma is considering it, too,” Mr Millar said.

Further fundraising includes a quiz night in the Southern Rugby Football Club at Bathgate Park from 7pm, on June 29.

“If anyone wants to put in a team or donate, that would be fantastic,” Ms Garden said.

To give: givealittle.co.nz/cause/maggies-journey-to-beat-cancer