Free quake survival course being held


Outdoor survivalists Greg Emerson (left) and Ben Logan, of Wanaka company New Age Primal, will run a free earthquake survival course at Bottle Lake Forest near Christchurch next Saturday. Photo: supplied.

A Wanaka outdoor survival company will run  a free earthquake survival course near Christchurch next weekend.

New Age Primal, run by Ben Logan and Greg Emerson, will hold the  earthquake survival course at Bottle Lake Forest on December 10.

Mr Logan said Christchurch had been chosen because of its central location, but he expected people from around the South Island to attend, including people affected by the most recent Kaikoura earthquake and aftershocks.

The course would focus on ways people could survive if they were isolated after an earthquake for weeks and months, he said.

“In the South Island, for example, cold is a big problem, so cold-water training is big thing we focus on and training your body to go without food in a cold environment for long periods of time,” People would be shown what supplies were best if they needed to leave their homes and were stuck in the outdoors.

“Other guides are good at showing what you need to do if you’re in a situation where you have shelter, but we focus on how to survive for days and weeks on your own without shelter, without running water.”

Being mentally prepared was as important as having food or shelter, he said.

“We really focus on mental strength because once people have that, everything else is easier.”

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