Airshow seeks disposable caravans


Warbirds over Wanaka volunteer Graham Taylor inspects an old caravan which could be part of one of the big acts at the 2018 event. Photo: supplied.

Warbirds over Wanaka organisers are looking to the past for inspiration to help mark the airshow’s 30th  anniversary in style. Planning for the 2018 event  is  well under way with people already asking about ticket sales.

General manager Ed Taylor said organisers wanted to bring back some of the most popular acts from past events, including one which used caravans.

Anyone  willing to donate an old caravan could contact the organisers, who would  happily take it off their hands, Mr Taylor said.

The caravans would not be returned after the event.

Not wanting to give too much away, Mr Taylor said the caravans would be “going out with a bang and could well end up being one of the star attractions at the event”.

While any caravans would be accepted, the closer they were to Wanaka the better, he said. Tickets for the event would go on sale early next year and there had already been a huge amount of interest, he said.

“A lot of that interest is from overseas, especially Australia where some fans start planning the minute they get home from the previous Wanaka airshow.”

This year’s three-day show attracted 49,000 spectators, an increase of nearly 1000 over the show two years ago.  About 15% were from overseas.

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